BeamLab is an award-winning set of simulation tools for beam propagation through optical devices and waveguides in your familiar MATLAB® environment. Examples encompass a large variety of propagation scenarios for both bulk and waveguide optics including lenses, gratings, apertures, couplers, splitters, multiplexers, and modulators.

Unlimited Plotting Options

Simple Coding

The following few lines of code produce a video that shows the light vortex in a multimode fiber generated by a Gaussian beam at oblique incidence and slightly offset from the fiber axis.

Key Features

  • MATLAB® toolboxes implementing a Beam Propagation Method (BPM) solver and a waveguide mode solver
  • Intuitive user interface based on MATLAB® – no hassle with learning a new proprietary language
  • Full-vectorial and semi-vectorial beam propagation and mode analysis based on the finite difference method
  • 3D or 2D analysis
  • Wide-angle and nonlinear beam propagation
  • Different types of boundary and symmetry conditions
  • High flexibility in waveguide and input field design with steadily growing library of easy-to-use functions
  • High flexibility in implementing various parameter sweeps
  • Takes advantage of MATLAB®’s Parallel Computing and Optimization Toolboxes
  • High flexibility in post-processing and editing any output data and graphs to your liking
  • Extensive plotting and visualization options
  • Platform-independent (Windows, macOS, Linux)


Photonic Crystal Fiber

Beam propagation in a photonic crystal fiber
View demo

Spiral Waveguide

Beam propagation in a waveguide wrapped around a straight waveguide
View demo

Fiber Modes

Eigenmode calculation of an optical fiber
View demo

Fiber Dispersion

Dispersion evaluation of an optical fiber
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Directional Coupler

Beam propagation in a co-directional waveguide coupler
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Multimode Interference Coupler

Beam propagation in a 2D/3D MMI coupler
View demo

Mach-Zehnder Modulator

Beam propagation in a Mach-Zehnder modulator
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Rib Waveguide Modes

Eigenmode calculation of a rib waveguide
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Spatial Filter

Beam propagation through a spatial filter removing random phase fluctuations
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Nonlinear Self-focusing

Propagation of a high-power Gaussian beam undergoing self-focusing in a nonlinear medium
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Meander Waveguide

Beam propagation in a sinusoidally oscillating waveguide
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