Request your license key

The BeamLab product that you are about to enjoy requires activation by means of a license key. Please use this form to request your personal license key.

In general, a license is locked to a specific PC and user. However, you can move the license to another PC if required — just submit a support ticket and we will do the rest for you.

For further questions and requests please feel free to get into contact with us. We will cater for your needs fuss-free!

The steps for successful activation after downloading BeamLab are as follows:

    1. Start your product for the first time on the PC you want to use it on. The product will generate an URL that will lead you here with your PC Identifier already entered.
    2. Verify the remaining information and send the form to request your license file.
    3. You will receive your license file(s) within a couple of days by email. Place these files into the licenses directory of the BeamLab directory tree that was created during install.
    4. Your product is now activated — please enjoy!
    5. If you have further questions or encounter any problems during activation please contact us at

The license will be issued to this body. Also this information will help to match your request and order.

This email address will receive the license file.

This will be used to lock your license to one computer. It is provided by BeamLab at start time. Normally you do not have to enter this manually as it is provided automatically.